Workshops 2018

3 days – 3 stories – between fall and winter

1st – 3rd of November 2018 | English / German


first day – the fall, the autum, the third season in the year
a party for the colorsense of the work with flowers. various works with the „greybrowns“ and in combination with „hottest“ and warmest color-beauty. asymmetry is a target in that day too… also reaching over to the vegetativ designstyle, all this teached, demonstrated and, practiced and discussed. all single works for that day … no groupwork.


second day – the christmas-period
we will have a lecture and demonstration prepared, which is focussed on several different workpieces. lots to see. but the project for the handsonsection is a pieace, which can also be done as a groupwork for only 2 people. ( but also alone ) its also the longest, possible -to -work – day, so that something very special can be created. in the materials for that dayclass is one interesting element, which is part of the work for everybody.


third day – this is the winter white plant
works for the holydays and for the winterdays afterwards. many white materials will be the bases and compatible with the botanicals of that season. see some earlyer springflowers and bulbflowers as also indoor, tropicals in a cooler white designframe from artistic to commercially interesting, to get the turn from the warm christmasworld to the cooler period after… many different snowwhite structures are prepared for this project. target is a high diversity as an inspiration for the participants.


Price: 565,- EUR




1st – 5th of June 2018 | English

this is a 5-day in-depth seminar about finding your personal design preferences/identity and showing you how to use that in all aspects of media.

Studies with Gregor Lersch: Themes ,Theory and Hands-on

Also lessons with experts in photography, social media and marketing

On this seminar you will learn:

more Floristry on a daily basis
about the development of a personal, floral Identity
how to photograph floral design
about your Corporate Identity around your Design, Business or Freelancing
better and effective media marketing and social media


Participants restricted to 25 people!

Price: 1.295,- EUR



the international bridal seminar

22nd – 25th of March 2018 | English

start the Thursday evening with a get together-event in the hall in the garden Lersch and a demonstration of table ideas by Gegor lersch and his team. These tables will also be present as examples for the next day’s lecture and “hands on“. There will be more demonstrations to begin the workshop days.

1st day: table decorations
2nd day: wedding bouquets and ideas headpieces
3rd day: room decorations for church and festive ambiances


Price: 595,- EUR