Workshops 2017

2016_gregor000057the international bridal seminar

21st – 24th of March 2017 | English


21st of March: the class starts with a demonstration and a light buffet for a inspirational presentation of gl and the teampartners: modern bridalbouquets, a more artistic beginning. the buffet last time was a good kind of „get-together“ for many from very different countries.


1st day: time for lecture, demonstration and handson of more commercial bouquets: hand-bound with natural stems and also other techniques, very effectiv and easyer to prepare like only tape and wire- techniques. learning to chose the right materials for the bouquets with natural stems, to select flowers and for bouquets for furthergoing techniques like taping and wiring. ( which has absolutely also its place in floristry. )also demonstration of some headpieces, which are suitable to some of the bouquets.


2nd day: table – decorations in many different styles and techniques. from floral design to commercial ideas. focus very much on colors.


3rd day: works for buffets, event-rooms and churches and other spaces to celebrate. working with a effectiv elements to have flowers“ in the air. “ (lifted away from the floor, from tables and cubes


Price: 545,- EUR



2016_gregor0000455 days 5 stories – only waitinglist

1st – 5th of June 2017 | English


1st day: bridal bouquet. unusual ways to hold to wear, to present. a field for surprises. practical and innovativ.


2nd day: classic arrangementforms, traditional works: changed and „unlined“ to steps into innovation.


3rd day: lines, the challenge in an intense learning process: from the form -linear style to grafic plays in structures( metal, wood, branches etc. )


4th day: headpieces for not only brides, headpieces getting more popular … not only an idea to please amongs us. floral colliers. ( please bring a simple informal shirt or dress, to wear it. )


5th day: working arround wood with wood. but the flowers are never forgotten: its about flowers ( but the wood is also floral, even in this form ) helping to get simple and more skills with an important basic element for floral design


5 days 5stories is every year with another focus. this year color: beside all the different aspects of technique and changes in design. two years ago people from 19 countries, lastyear from 17. all under the communicativly easyest to organise english language.


Price: 695,- EUR



3 days – 3 stories – between fall and winter

1st – 3rd of November 2017 | English / German

1st day: colorful flowers, leaves and berries between“ black“ botanicals. various workforms. bouquets, compositions. a seasonal interesting chances for surprises.


2nd day: christmas rings, circles, discs, wreathes (, but not the „normal „). laying, standing, leaning, floating in many positions. still in the“ christmas mood. „


3rd day: from new-year to the first glimpses of spring: not only a color-theme rose` pink, salmon and apricot. in „leaning frames „- yes really leaning… and other positions. bound or placed in foam, tubes and more


Price: 495,- EUR