parallel design line order

I like to say it in classes, that the parallel design line order is not stiff or boring. there are so many ways to bring charisma in this kind of compositions:

  • the chance to play with different other contrasts, like using thick and thinner lines
  • to play with a smaller dosis of curvy and straight.
  • lines standing closer and wider together, even grouped very „hard“ or remaining wider spaces in the sequences of distance to each other
  • using fine and heavyer forms as fowers and plantmaterial.
  • working short or long, with rythms in hight /length
  • to play with fassy and calm.
    and much more

parallel style also includes the chance to create calmness in a very full space, which is busy and often to much to look to.

see the main picture and a bit of closeup. the wire is painted with cream color and than oxydized, to make a unusual effect. the callas “green goddess“ placed in bigger glasstubes.