teacher-jugdes class in seoul

jinny park and alex choi are the organizers, the followers mrs and mr lee as the former partners of gl for corea still arround. a. good feeling of friendship, of loyalty and respect. see the team, the2 friends as very well everything preparing people. alex is beside all a top photographer. they are building their […]

a bit unusual to use a willow tree upside down.

the work is hanging on the ceiling in the cooler hotel- entrence. the coconuts are insealed with “waterglass „ a chemical which was used from last generations to inseal eggs for easter. than filled with oasis, water, as a home for the springflowers for the next days/week. see, how the nutbowl is wired, each different, […]

parallel design line order

I like to say it in classes, that the parallel design line order is not stiff or boring. there are so many ways to bring charisma in this kind of compositions: the chance to play with different other contrasts, like using thick and thinner lines to play with a smaller dosis of curvy and straight. […]

Workshops 2016

Our new workshop timetable for 2016 is online. 5 days – 5 stories – 1st – 5th of June 2016 garden days in the late-summermood – 19th – 21st of August 2016 3 days – 3 stories – fall and winter – 28th – 30th of October 2016 Have a look

Floral diminutives – different/authentic

Floral diminutives are living little gems that just ask to be given some of our precious attention. They are small gifts for a variety of different occasions that will surprise any recipient. And they are an opportunity to give pleasure without putting the person in our debt. They are handed over delicately clasped between fore […]

this days class in almaty, kasachstan. 

natalia lopatina -school a warm- and quality-place, with good and fresh flowers. various themes, a different one every day.bridal, bouquets, new bouquetstyles and much more different tecniques as usual, compositions and also a higher dosis of christmas. mrs irina marchenko with her brilliant lingual expertise helped me more than very much all day with translation. […]

lets go on with the christmas-time. more to share …

more to show. hope, there is a bit time to watch for many in the profession and also for the friends of flowerdesign. its so much to do. lets prepare ….ghl  

the commercial christmas work 

useful for daily important places in homes. not to time consuming in production… or preparable, or just small like a miniature – floristry… or in good christmas colors or very natural… or in a seductive price area… longer lasting… possible to change easy the flowers… or… or… or just never forgetting, that there is a […]